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Brad Choate

Django's autoreloader used with the native 'runserver' command uses a secondary thread that scans loaded modules (sys.modules), sleeps for a second, then repeats. You could do something similar by monitoring mtimes for files found in %INC. That just hits code of course -- it wouldn't cause the app to reload when static files are modified (like a configuration 'yaml' file or something). But Django's configuration is also a Python module, so that's covered.


Brad: Yes, the way we scan file mtimes is almost the same -- except that we don't use thread but use forked child process instead. Using %INC would be neat and could be a sensible default.

Though I don't think you'll ever need to edit modules that are loaded from the system path. Instead you can simply specify your application path with -R and done with it.


I was worried you had reinvented File::ChangeNotify but it looks like you're using it. Cool. :)


Sartak: Yes i intentionally reinvented File::ChangeNotify - as another CPAN module Filesys::Notify::Simple. The whole purpose was to eliminate the non-core XS dependency and make it easier to install.

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